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Why You Should Work Security on Christmas Eve

LAST EDIT December 20, 2023

Why You Should Work Security on Christmas Eve

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You might think that working the Christmas Eve night shift as a security officer would be something to avoid. After all, security never takes a holiday, and someone has to work that shift, and you are the one who could get stuck with it, especially if you are a new officer.

But looking back on my time in security, those Christmas Eve and Christmas morning shifts were some of my favorites.

For one, it's always a good chance to build camaraderie with co-workers. They probably want that shift off, and if you take it, they will appreciate it. They are of course a sucker for giving it away; they are going to miss out on the incredible Christmas ambiance.

Then, once your shift starts, perhaps you will work a two-man shift with a fellow officer, or a tenant of the site. This always creates a bond, co-workers trapped on the Christmas-eve shift, and sharing the Christmas ambiance. This will naturally lead to talk about family and the things that are important to them, conversations that might not happen on a normal, regular business shift. It's a real opportunity to build a lasting connection with that fellow officer or co-worker.

Of course, there's also a pretty good chance that you will end up working solo on a single-officer shift.

The quiet world, the deserted streets, the feeling that you're the sole guardian of the city, it all magnifies the moment's significance.

Some of my memories:

Patrolling the vast warehouse and the adjacent office cubicles, occasionally passing by a cubicle where a radio, left on by its daytime occupant, still softly played Christmas music.

Then there were the expansive corridors of a dying retail mall. It was transitioning from retail to offices. Yet, the ambiance of many Christmas retail seasons past lingered, especially if the mall's sound system continued to play Christmas music.

Maybe my favorite Christmas-eve shift, however, was the citywide patrol. It offered a firsthand view of just how extraordinary the night was: the empty city streets, the usual bar crowd tucked away at home, and a peaceful world to patrol and watch over.

And then, as the sun rises, the world stays the same. There aren't any doors to unlock, employees to let in, or traffic to monitor: it stays quiet and peaceful.

And, if everything aligns perfectly, and your relief arrives on time, you get home just in time for Christmas morning with the family.

The tranquility, the peace, the sense of uniqueness found on no other day of the year, it's something you have to experience for yourself.

It's a peace that's right in line with and a perfect representation of the true meaning of Christmas.

If you get the chance to work the third shift on Christmas Eve this year, my suggestion is to take it.

Thank you for all of your support over the past year, by watching these video, following on X, sharing your comments and e joining the security officer network dot com, you have made it possible for us to share the security experience together.

Merry Christmas from The Security Officer Network.

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