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The Most Interesting Security Company in America in 2023

LAST EDIT June 29, 2023

The Most Interesting Security Company in America in 2023

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Meet Andre Boyer.

Boyer's agency, SITE Security, may be the most fascinating agency in the security industry in 2023.

You need to see what they're doing, how Boyer envisions using his company to transform public safety in the crime-ridden city of Philadelphia, how much money he is charging, how he and his AR-15 welding security agents have made media story after media story and why security entrepreneurs would be wise to study what he is doing, as there's likely going to be a growing market for this type of high-end, expensive security service—all across America.

Stay tuned.

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If you've been following this channel, you will know our critique of corporate security's detached—observe and report, but do absolutely nothing to intervene, even to save a life—approach to security.

This approach risks becoming outdated as it fails to effectively address the new generation of crime in America. Specifically, in Philadelphia, we highlighted how Allied Universal officers received significant media attention after reportedly being forced to "stand by" and observe as a mob attacked a helpless individual.

In many big cities, where the justice system has become inefficient, there's not much disincentive to commit crimes. Corporate security's 'observe and report' approach only works as a deterrent when individuals fear the repercussions of being caught. But in many jurisdictions there are few if any repercussions, so what does it matter?

This shortcoming in corporate security is opening a massive opportunity for innovative security entrepreneurs to offer real security services that provide an effective deterrent.

Back in May, Time Magazine featured a story about a company that's implementing this model: SITE Private Protection Agency. Described as possibly the most interesting company in America, SITE is garnering a lot of new business. The article specifically detailed how SITE managed to halt crime at a gas station in north Philadelphia owned by Neil Patel. Interestingly, this location is close to the site where the mob attack, as observed by Allied Universal's officers, took place.

Time stated that Patel hasn't had to report a single criminal incident since SITE started patrolling his lot. Before then, his store was a constant target for crime including theft and carjacking. Once, Patel's vehicle was vandalized while the police were in the store, taking a report on another crime. When thieves stole an ATM from the gas station, it took the police six hours to respond. Patel had to act; the police clearly weren't providing the protection he needed. So, he hired SITE.

At a reported cost of $750 per day, SITE officers are equipped with AR-15s, have a goal of attending ongoing training every other week, carry and are trained in the use of less-than-lethal devices, wear Kevlar, have knowledge of the laws, and importantly, wear body cameras. Their leader, Andre Boyer, doesn't like the term "security"—he prefers "agent". He's clearly trying to differentiate his officers/agents from corporate security guards.

SITE's higher-end security business model seems to strike a balance between corporate security companies' reluctance to intervene physically and the police's inability to respond timely to many types of calls.

This novel approach has earned the company extensive local media coverage.

Boyer asserts that his agency's officers have the authority to protect its properties via any means necessary.

Boyer speaks from experience. He worked for the Philadelphia Police Department from 1997 until 2013 when he left after whistleblowing on alleged police misconduct. He regularly speaks out against corruption and misconduct.

Boyer is an enigmatic spokesperson. He skillfully handled the Time magazine interview, and during his interview and story with the local Fox affiliate, a live poll was conducted during which time public support for Boyer's high-profile security approach rose from 65% to 80%.

Boyer is just getting started. He has been quoted as saying, "Private security is going to take over everything." Boyer is planning to extend his security model into neighborhoods and has an innovative plan for school security. He has designed a perimeter patrol model that he believes will keep any would-be aggressor from entering the school in the first place.

"We are going to take back Philadelphia," Boyer confidently declares.

Boyer is trying to shift the cost of security away from the customer and onto the government. He believes that "you shouldn't have to pay to keep yourself safe" and criticizes current government public safety spending on what he calls "BS programs." According to him, these programs don't work and never have.

Is SITE's business plan the future of security?

Likely yes, at least in big cities where the justice system is broken, people do not fear the consequences of breaking laws, and police response time has slowed to a point of ineffectiveness. Here, some business owners have little choice but to pay for either hiring a moonlighting local police officer or a provider such as SITE.

This model likely allows SITE to pay its officers the same or more than the police, but the work is less toxic, devoid of many police department politics, and generally free from the demoralizing aspects of police work: responding to endless calls, watching society crumble, and dealing with the politics and corruption that are ingrained in some big city departments.

Big cities won't be able to control this situation anytime soon. They're burdened by too much mission creep, which overextends their resources to the point of ineffectiveness, high taxes, and extensive moral and cultural decay, making it difficult to change the current trajectory. The market will demand a solution, and that solution is the security model offered by agencies like SITE; an agency on the leading edge of implementing this new model and, therefore, one of America's most interesting private security companies in 2023. Over time, look for the government itself to begin funding companies like SITE.

Maybe you have a nomination for the most fascinating security company in 2023. Send us your nominations and nominate your agency to be featured on this channel.

We are looking for inspiring stories of security entrepreneurs who are making a business model out of providing true public safety and want to feature these stories here. So let us know!

And as always, if you're serious about demonstrating your commitment to the private security industry, we invite you to join us at The Security Officer Network. It's the professional security officer's status symbol of choice.

Stay safe, and we'll see you back here next week.

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