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North Dakota licenses officers through the Private Investigation and Security Board. This state entity regulates the private security industry within North Dakota.

Security officer applicants within North Dakota can apply for one of three statuses. These are Apprentice Security Officer, Security Officer and Commissioned Security Officer. The PISB security license may be issued for one of these three different types of license.

To qualify for licensure as an Apprentice Security Officer, the applicant must receive at least 12 hours of classroom training or participate in 12 hours of field service.

A Security Officer candidate must have worked for 1000 hours in the field and also completed 32 hours of classroom training.

Commissioned Security Officers must have worked for at least 4000 hours in the field and participated in a minimum of 80 hours of classroom instruction. North Dakota law requires that an officer who wants to start his own security agency must have reached the status of Commissioned Security Officer. Once he becomes a commissioned officer he can take a test to become a "security provider" and in that capacity does not need to work for another security agency.

Each application for a status upgrade costs $25.

First-time applicants should be required to pay for criminal search within North Dakota and through the FBI. The North Dakota charge is $30 and the FBI background check costs $22. This brings the total cost of the new application to $77.

Those who need to work as an armed officer must have achieved the status of either Security Officer or Commissioned Security Officer. The application for a side arm certification costs $20.

The licenses expire each year at the end of September and must be renewed by September 30th.

Steps To Getting A North Dakota PISB Private Security License

  • 1. Secure employment with a licensed North Dakota security provider. The list of licensed security providers can be found online.
  • 2. Download the applicable PISB application from the North Dakota Private Investigation and Security Board page. This application comes in a multiple-page format and the applicant may need to download the pages individually. For example, applicants for a license or commission need to download pages one, two and three. To apply for the armed certification the applicant must download and complete page five. The applicant may be awarded with a temporary license while his application is pending.
  • 3. Complete the application and sign the criminal background check authorization. The authorization is located on page 2 of the application. This allows the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigations and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to conduct the background check. The applicant must also attach two fingerprint cards to this authorization. These cards are required to contain proper identification codes. The applicant can likely secure the cards and the fingerprinting from local law enforcement. An applicant could be denied a license if he has committed a felony or certain misdemeanors involving violence, intimidation, theft and other violations. The Private Investigation and Security Board may waive this prohibition depending on circumstance.
  • 4. Document the completion of the required training. The applicant may need to attach proof of training from the appropriately licensed security training school. Additionally, applicants may bypass some of the training requirements by proving that they have secured equivalent training through education or past experience.


PISB Administrative Rules

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