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Are you a Security Guard who Wants to Transition to a Self Sufficient Security Professional? Here's how it's done.

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Applying the Lessons of Baltimore to Private Security
Baltimore Police

Those living on the east coast are likely aware of the recent crime wave gripping Baltimore. Demoralized by recent events, Baltimore police officers have clearly disengaged from proactive policing. The citizens of Baltimore are paying the heavy price! And who can blame the police. Most of them likely believe they no longer have the support of their Mayor or Police Commissioner. They also think local prosecutors have become partisanized and will over-prosecute the officers for any mistakes they may make.

Meet K5 - He Wants to Take Away Your Security Guard Job
Robert Security Guard

Don't look now but security robots are not longer science fiction. A company called Knightscope has been making the news for leasing out its K5 robot to various retail venues - such as shopping malls - for the price of $6.25 per hour. K5, which shares a striking similarity to Dalek from Doctor Who, and slightly resembles R2-D2 from Star Wars, moves through the retail complex at a clip of three to five miles per hour but can go as fast as 18 miles per hour. It's equipped with surveillance and analytics tools that allow it to document and detect crime.

Florida Class G Officers Given More Firepower
.45 Caliber ACP

As of July, two key legislative changes impacting Florida armed security officers have taken effect. Until recently, Class G licensees could not carry more than a .38 caliber revolver or 9 mm semi-auto. The adventurous could use a .357 provided it held .38 ammo. Now, state policy has changed and armed officers are allowed to carry a .40 caliber or a .45 ACP (automatic colt pistol).

An Unorthodox tip for Finding Work as a Security Officer
2014 Security Agency Directory

Maybe you need to find new contracts for your small security business or don't own a company but are just wanting to take in some extra hours of security work. Check out this unorthodox method for picking up a few more hours of security work.

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