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Are you a Beginner? Here's the Guide to Getting Started in Security

Are you a Security Guard who Wants to Transition to a Self Sufficient Security Professional? Here's how it's done.

  • 1. Get your copy of How to Make Money as a Security Guard. It contain helpful instructions for maximizing your income as a security officer.
  • 2. Download the free ebook How to Start a Security Guard Company. This free eBook is one of The Security Officer Network's most popular resources. It will walk you through the steps of taking control of your own destiny by starting your own private security firm.
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How to Pass Time as a Security Guard?
Security Guard at Night

1. You can do what many security guards do: watch movies on your computer; text or chat with friends on your phone; get into long, pointless, time-wasting conversations with any co-workers that might be on late night duty or even try to sneak in a nap or two. These officers have ideologized a time-wasting culture at their post and it's a culture that entices you into an ethic of life-wasting laziness; or 2. You can use this time to your benefit. Here's how: --> Read More

Which U.S. States Require State Licensing of Security Officers and Which Do Not?
Food Court Security Guard

38 states and the District of Columbia require state-level licensing/certification of security officers.

12 states do not require security guards to register with the state; although, depending on location, the officer may need to register with the local city government, e.g., neither Kansas nor Missouri require state licensing but officers from both states are required to register with their respective city governments. --> View Breakdown of States

How Much Does It Cost To Start a Security Company in 2018?
Officers Talking

There isn't much incentive to make a career working within one of the big security agencies. Even when an officer works his way up the ranks he will all-too-often become a human resource drone stuck behind a desk where he mostly tries to keep each shift staffed with a warm body.

So how much does it cost to get away from the big security companies and start a security company?

The low cost of entry presents one of the most attractive components of starting a business in the security industry. There are few upfront costs because running a security company requires very little in capital assets. Also the security business owner may choose to work one of his own standing posts. This allows him to continue earning an income without building in overhead for his own salary. Using this strategy he keeps upfront costs low while he builds his company. Here is a breakdown of the minimum required upfront cost.


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